June 20, 2023
Blake King

The roots of a person helps to dictate what kind of person they will become. Positive or negative, many studies have shown what a great impact the environments of those developing years can have. These traits can be things such as work ethic, motivational roots and communication skills. Blake King was not born in Atlanta, but has found his home there now in his adult life. Growing up, he learned the importance of working hard and Blake King takes that spirit and work ethic into every position he has held both in Atlanta and before. This attitude has gained him a stellar reputation as well.
October 18, 2018
Blake King Atlanta

Currently, Blake King, Atlanta channel marketing manager for Transnexus, is seen as an impressive leader in the company’s sales and marketing department. Much of the reason he is seen this way is due to his accumulated experience and the wisdom that has naturally resulted. He learned a lot, for example, in the years when he went door-to-door in Michigan, to sell educational books in Michigan. One of the key lessons he learned about being a successful marketer was that he had to show the potential buyer how the product will make their life and family better.

The books Blake King sold back then were intended to help parents prepare their children for a successful school career. That fir squarely into one of Blake’s primary missions in life; to help people who needed some. It has been a hallmark of the career of Blake King, Atlanta marketer. One reason for his success in the financial services and marketing industries could be his innate ability to articulate ideas in ways that makes the most sense to customers.